Unlock Door with Google home and 5 available options

Smart locks work with google home/assistants and make your home security reliable than ever. Now unlock the door with google home and make entry to your residence more convenient. A smart lock is required in order to get a complete voice-enabled doorlock. Few locks are also listed below for your further consideration but before going further we will get to know smart assistants as well as smart locks and their functionality.

What is a Google home or google assistant 

Google home is a smart voice assistant that helps you complete and achieve your tasks with a voice command  and you will get it done without the need of manually operating the machine. Google has access to an extensive database and get you results of your need and send instructions to other wireless connected devices such as smart doorbells, security cameras, smart bulb and vacuums, and many others.

These devices work over wifi and a bridge is required to connect all of these devices to one point and allow them to communicate with each other. you may find a manual on product website for further instructions on installation.

What is a smart lock

An electromechanical lock controlled by a wireless registered device or physical imprint is called a smart lock. It is secure and provides ease of accessibility to the users. Now Google home unlock door for you and you don’t have to unlock your phone or use a key anymore. Your voice can lock and unlock the door on the go.

Ease of accessibility

Now the old days are gone when we used to struggle to find the keys to everything. Sometimes we lose them and face the hassle of running to a key maker and so on. But now the time has changed and those traditional door locks are replaced with new technology for various reasons. A big advantage is ease of accessibility. 

Now Gen locks allow you to stay connected to your smart devices and you can monitor on the go. You may enter or exit as you please without the need of keys or someone being on the other side. 

Moreover, register your family members, friends or even home maintenance personnel to enter or exit without even you being disturbed and you will be notified on your connected smart device. Many others get connected to voice assistants and other wifi connected devices. 

We have selected 5 best smart locks which can unlock door with google home and make your search effortless. 

1. August Smart Lock Pro 

Now Unlock August lock with google home and it is a first smart choice for your door security and offers a bundle of options, One of them is august door sense which allows you an extra level of security by updating you with the current state of door and 24/7 active feed gives you complete control at all times. 

It works with alexa and google home assistants to make your entry effortless. Giving you access to your door lock from anywhere and allowing others to access and giving you the ability to monitor when you are away. A connected portable IOS or Android device will give you an overview on when and how many times door is accessed. 

Installing or replacing a Single cylinder deadbolt device has never been so easy and allows you to keep your existing hardware as it is with an updated version. 

Ultimately August smart lock is a bulky and expensive but also gives you complete control and never to compromise on security.

2. Google Nest X Yale 

A smart lock product offered by Google to give you an exceptional level of security and ease of accessibility at the same time. This device is compatible with Google products and works seamlessly as owned by the same vendor. 

Connecting Nest X yale to Nest bridge and controlling door locks has never been easy. You may wish to control Nest smart lock by connecting google smart speakers and take the door security to the next level. More to that you can schedule guest access. 

Giving you access to history is an additional benefit of this device. You may get the current status of the lock by using voice command to google home. It also locks and unlocks when you are close by and ease of accessibility is offered at its best.

A deadbolt door lock is easy to install and can easily replace your current security system. Making this door lock tamper-proof is a solid advantage over other smart door locks and gives you a better sense of safety. An automatic alarm system is a big advantage so you know when it is at risk.

3. Yale Assure – connected by august

Now yale Assure can replace your existing deadbolt with a touchscreen. As Some of us do not wish to carry our phones with us all the time and here yale assure makes it certain that you can still use the smart lock even without the need of smartphones and apps. 

Besides touchscreen yale assure gives you an option to link with august connect and wherever you are you can track your door activity, allow others to enter or exit. Google assistant comes handy when you do not wish to use august app and GOOGLE OK will do the job for you. An addition is you can integrate this device with Apple home kit and Amazon Alexa. A Bluetooth connectivity is elective. 

Installing this device is easy and can easily let you replace you old deadbolt lock. This device comes with August connect wifi bridge a door sense which will keep you updated. and no additional hubs are required.

If you are aware of local storage options in smart door locks and feel interested to explore. you may find related article here.

4. Schlage Sense with smart Wifi Adaptor 

Another smart lock device comes bundled with all the tolls required to complete your door security. Device make is solid and comes with clean touch and a metallic body. 

Schlage smart lock works flawlessly with schlage sense app for android and smartphone with android and IOS. Device is compatible with google speakers and currently not compatible with google home due to some security reasons.To make it more convenient Bluetooth connectivity is another option for the users. 

You can voice command the door even when you are in the middle of doing something else and cannot access the phone. As all other devices you can access the log and monitor your door entry and exit on the go. Device comes with a security alarm when there is an unusual situation.

Adding and deleting codes from device is seamless and allows you to assign different codes for different times round the clock. To enhance your security you can add different combination from 4 to 8 digits and make it more secure.

5. Kwikset obsidian – no camera

A Secure screen technology product to avoid fingerprint detection with a glass front gives this product an outstanding appearance and stand out of the crowd. Kwikset build is quite solid and functions are very simple to use. Keypad and wireless connectivity gives you an extra level of security and ease of accessibility at the same time. 

Now forget about keys and control your home door with voice commands. This device connects with voice assistants and allows you to take control anywhere as it connects with Amazon alexa and google speakers. Smart home hub is required to add extra accessibility and are sold separately also it does not support z-wave deadbolt. Kwikset gives you option to add different key combinations for a greater security.

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