How do smart bulbs work with Alexa

Smart Bulbs play a vital role in smart home automation and make it smarter than before. Now smart lights have taken over old vintage technology as new led bulbs are more energy efficient and give us more options, and save our lives from extra hassle of replacement and energy consumption. But how do smart bulbs work and how alexa or google home can control. Finding the best option is a critical thing to know before your get one.

what is a smart bulb

If you are wondering what are smart bulbs. They have become a recent trend as more and more people are interested and feel comfortable with this new technology because foremost this provides ease of usage alongside a beautiful color changing dimmable lucent light. These smart bulbs can be controlled wirelessly or through a voice command. If they have color changing leds these lights can change according to your mood and environment without touching and operating is an excellent advantage.

These bulbs are smart enough to adapt their surroundings if connected properly through smart switches as it requires controlled voltage. you will start to see their charm once connected, they work without any physical operation and a lift of finger or a voice command will do the magic for you.

How does wireless lighting work

Setting up smart bulb is easier than ever and lets you configure on your own and can be controlled wirelessly or through a single android or Ios device. If connected to Alexa assistant or google Home hub, can give you wider accesibility.

Smart switches, dimmers and motion detection can be used with these light changing devices to allow you whacking functionality. If you are not aware of smart switches do read here for further information and wider accessibility. 

These home automations hubs connect through a standard wireless connection and some of them are Z-Wave and Zig bee and work seamlessly with these devices. Some brands may as you to add an additional wireless box in order get it working one of them is Philips smart bulb which works with Philips hue bridge and KASA with smart bridge to give you complete control.

What are my options

These beautiful bulbs comes with a variety of options with different prices ranging from $15 for just white and dim able to $50 with color changing option. You may check a price list below for further consideration. 

Most of these devices come installed with wifi connectivity technology called zigbee link used widely in philips, Osram and IKEA, which insures connection security and lets you communicate through other smart wifi devices. Connecting these devices directly to mobile or tablet device or through a hub is completely optional and gives you greater accessibility.

Adding an additional option of voice commands, which are only functional once connected through a network of wifi connected device. Connecting to Alexa and google and cortana makes them exceptional and gives you more control. These devices run on a smart operation known as away from home incase you forgot to turn your lights off on your way out and are operable from anywhere with an internet connection. 

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