How to connect samsung tv with alexa | quick guide

If you own a Samsung smart  or or a ragular Tv and wondering how to control it through a voice command and enhance your home entertainment without the need of remote or if you own one and having difficulty configuring then your search ends here. We will discuss step by step guide on how to connect samsung smart tv to your alexa device. Also we will discuss the options of how convert your regurlar Tv into a smart home entertainment hub.

Smart tv’s are smarter than before and connect to wireless devices and give you endless possibilities to navigate through your favorite programs with ease. One of the best functions is connecting with voice enabled devices such as Alexa smart speakers and google home. With connecting to Alexa you will have options to turn tv on and off, change volume and channels, navigate through shows and much more without the need of remote. 

First we will go through alexa setup and later with other options to enable voice commands to your smart tv.   

Connectivity Guide 

  1. Both samsung tv and alexa device should be connected properly and functional and must be connected to the same wifi and are connected through the same wifi device either a home hub or a router. In order to connect and setup your smart tv for Voice commands your tv must be setup as a thing which will allows your tv to communicate to other smart devices and be controlled through them. This can be done from inside the tv. 
  2. You must connect your android or IOS device to the same network also you will need SamsungSmartThings and Amazon alexa apps installed to your android or IOS devices to get it running. Using the same account will make connectivity for both devices easy and recognisable and saves the connection issues later.
  3. Simply discover your samsung tv through the samsung smartthings app and connect alexa mobile app with the alexa device. Once connected, enable Samsung smart Things in Alexa app and it will ask you to login with Samsung Smartthings account. Now once you login you will be able to see your tv in alexa enabled devices and an icon will affirm your connectivity and voila! your tv is now connected to your Alexa smart device.

Now if you wish to connect your old Tv device or wish to have alternates to alexa echo or dot there are many other devices in the market offering the same functionality.  

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